Our Journey

“Learn with Confidence”

Qama is a Saudi company that specializes in Education Technologies founded in 2021 by a group of partners with broad technical and educational experience and a common belief that technology has the power to transform education prospects.

We started our journey by building an integrated courses marketplace that enables learners of all ages, profiles, and budgets to access, explore, book, and learn from the world’s best course providers. On the other hand, Qama courses marketplace will support education providers of all types in increasing their enrollments and expanding their geographic reach.

To ensure suitability, diversity, and inclusion for all learners, we built a massive database from hundreds of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Online Academies, Online Digitalized Courses Websites, Brick and Mortar Educational Institutions, and Universities. Nevertheless, we offer courses from all facets of life, including career development, personal development, academic, hobbies, child development, fitness, and lifestyle, in addition to unique educational areas like meditation, martial arts, cooking, and more. Learners can easily find, compare, and choose between courses through intelligent and advanced technological tools and filtering options.

Whether you are an eager learner, educational institution, or online course provider, Qama puts everything you need at your fingertips and aggregates all your requirements through best-in-class solutions and services that are technologically proven and meticulously designed.

As the world rapidly moves towards education technology and the demand is rising substantially, we commit to keep delivering solutions that truly make a difference through continuous learning & development, unlimited innovation, ultimate quality, and exceptional technical support.

“Qama is the river of knowledge that provides learners with the necessary tools to help them achieve anything”


To equip individuals and organizations with scientifically substantiated technological tools to enhance their learning capabilities. We Make education and learning easy and intuitive for everyone by providing tools for change.


To democratize the individual's learning experience ultimately. To transform and revolutionize education by democratizing the individual's learning experience through standardizing the learning experience, where students are trusted to take responsibility for their own lives and growth.

Our Values

The Spirit of Oneness

We value, embody and support diversity, inclusion and unity. We’re better when we’re together. That’s our way to ensure delivering what we promise as a spiritual unit.


We are always eager to evolve, take risks and create. Being courageous and fearless are both crucials innovate, seek and integrate new solutions to maximize quality and efficiency.


We set our own standards of commitment , to gain the society’s trust , we are determined to elevate the local educational efficiency and secure a better future for our community.


Enable and empower people to live their true passion, realise their real value and hunt their actual potential so that they can achieve their goals with confidence and self respect.

Positive reality

We believe that when you learn or acquire a skill, ability, or knowledge, it leads to enrichment of the self. We want to enable and empower people to create their own positive reality where they can achieve all their dreams.


We have a fierce loyalty to being authentic. We aim to share genuine knowledge and insights, all
while being trustworthy and traditional.

Qama will offer a large number of courses and filtering options that eases finding what learners are after.

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

The company has set out to break the learning barrier and bridge education gaps by delivering unique and innovative technology solutions that meet the diverse needs of learners and educators, in line with the Saudi Arabian vision 2030. Qama intends to be one of the leading forces in achieving the vision’s goal in developing citizens' capabilities, preparing them for the future, and supporting them to seize opportunities. This will ultimately enable the citizens to become effective participants in the ongoing local economic, social, and cultural developments while also competing in the global labor market.